Canon printers are best for office use and home use with multiple functions, and one can use its products for print, scanning, copying, and faxing. Sometimes, the printer model encounters issues in functioning or operations due to internal errors or other circumstances. If your Canon printer does not start the printing operation, it requires troubleshooting. Find the exact cause of the printing not starting and resolve it by taking appropriate action. See below for possible solutions.

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Check Connections

Connections are very important in any machine, so Canon printers are also required to connect securely. Ensure the Canon machine is plugged in correctly to the power switch and PC or another device. If not, reconnect all the cables and connect the printer. Press ON and see whether the power lamp flashes or not. Wait for the POWER lamp to be stable.

Is your Canon printer connected to a PC or other devices?

If your printer isn’t connected to a PC or a device, your printer won’t print anything. You can use a USB cable or WiFi to connect your computer and printer. If connected, disconnect the USB cable and plug one side into the Canon printer and the other side into the PC USB port. Check the following;

  • In the case of a relay device, for example, a USB hub, disconnect the relay device. After that, connect the Canon printer to the PC and try printing a document again.
  • When the printer starts normally, it indicates that your relay device has an issue. You should contact the device’s vendor.
  • If a USB cable has an issue, it’s better to change the cable. So replace it and retry the printing function.
  • In case if the printer is over a LAN, connect the printer to the network with a LAN cable.
  • Set up the network use correctly.  

Direct Connection

If your Canon printer model supports direct connection and the setting is different to print, then you may experience printing issues. If you’ve already selected the direct connection, then change the mode by disabling the direct connection and check whether it’s printing or not. If direct connections aren’t selected, enable to see the print results. To use the Canon printer with Direct Connection;

  1. Open your Canon printer model.
  2. Open the Home screen.
  3. Tap on the WiFi icon located on the lower left.
  4. You can select Device settings > LAN settings > Change LAN.
  5. The Change LAN display and select Activate Direct Connect.
  6. Choose Yes and see the identifier or SSID.
  7. Your PC will detect the Canon printer model and tap OK.
  8. Go to Settings and enable the WiFi and select the printer series.
  9. Enter the password, connect a printer device, and start printing/scanning.  

If you want to change the direct connection setting, follow the below steps;

  • Tap setup on the home screen of the canon printer.
  • Open device settings > LAN settings.
  • Select Other Settings and tap on Direct connection settings.
  • Press HOME to return.

Check Paper Settings

The paper settings should match the information you set for the cassette. The mismatch setting of paper and the cassette creates errors and displays on the touch screen. It results in no printing issues.

Inserting the cassette with loaded paper shows you the registered paper information. Here, you can change the paper settings. From setup and device settings, you can change cassette settings. Hence, keep paper and cassette settings equal.

Clear Unnecessary Print Jobs     

The Canon printer temporarily saves the Print Jobs before printing a document. Sometimes the print jobs list becomes more and affects the printing speed. Thus, you should clear unnecessary print jobs using the below steps;


  1. Navigate to the taskbar and open Canon IJ Status Monitor.
  2. Click on Display Print Queue to open the print queue.
  3. Open the printer menu and click on Cancel All Documents.
  4. Click Yes to delete the unnecessary print job.


  1. Open System Preferences on your macOS.
  2. Open Printers & Scanners list and select your Canon printer model.
  3. Click Open Print Queue and choose the print jobs that require delete
  4. Click on the delete icon to clear print jobs.

Set the Right Printer Port  

If the printer port is incorrect, your printer won’t take print commands. To set the correct port settings,

  1. First, open the device and printers list.
  2. Right-click on the Canon printer icon and select Printer properties.
  3. Select the Ports option and set a port.
  4. Reinstall the MP Drivers.

If your Canon printer still hasn’t started printing, it could be an internal error. Thus, contact the nearest Canon printer service center to repair.