ij.start.cannon – IJ Start Canon Printer Setup

Accessing the ij.start.cannon site helps you perform the Canon printer setup. Updating drivers require the same access. Installing a Canon printer also requires some important actions, for example, downloading drivers, connecting the network, and connecting to a device. Methods for wireless and wired inkjet printers may vary. We’ve given the generalized setup process for Canon printers.

IJ Start Canon Printer Setup

First-time Setup for Your Canon Printer     

If you have a completely packed new Canon printer model in the box, you should follow the first-time setup steps given below.

  1. Start the Setup with a Canon printer unboxing and taking off all wrap materials, including plastics, taps, and others.
  2. Place the printer machine near the power switch and on a clean surface. Also, take out all components shipped inside the box.
  3. Read the manual to set up the machine. Attach the power cable cord to the power switch and printer’s rear. It’ll give power to the printer.
  4. Turn the power switch on and press the ON button on the printer.
  5. Remove the ink cartridges’ plastic and install them carefully inside the machine. Take precautions while installing cartridges to avoid ink leakage.
  6. Configure the initial settings on the Home screen.
  7. Lastly, load suitable and aligned papers in the paper tray.

With the above setup, you’ll have to visit ij.start.cannon to download the valid drivers for a particular Canon printer model.

Download Canon Printer Drivers -Ij.start.canon

The PC software part is essential to stay connected with the Canon printer. A correct printer driver helps communicate between Canon printer and PC. Follow the given steps to download the right canon printer drivers quickly.

Download Canon Printer Drivers

Step 1. Keep your PC connected to a faster network. Then, launch a browser.
Step 2. Search for ij.start.cannon and open the manufacturing site of canon printers.
Step 3. You’ll see four options, though; you’ve to go with the SETUP (Start Here) option.
Step 4. Next, enter the Canon printer model name in the shown box and click Go. You can also select your model name on the same page.
Step 5. Select your PC OS from the side corner, i.e., Windows, macOS, etc.
Step 6. Click Start and reach on the download option if the Start option appears. Otherwise, directly click on the Download tab.
Step 7. ij.start.cannon starts downloading drivers and software setup on your PC/ laptop.
Step 8. Double-click on the downloaded Setup file and follow the instructions to install.

You can insert the shipped CD into the PC disc port instead of visiting ij.start.cannon or any other online method. CD setup installation is easy and best suited for wired Canon ij printers. However, one cannot update the canon printer driver installed from the CD.

Connect Canon Printer to the Wireless network

There are a few methods of connecting the wireless network to the Canon printer. Here, we’ll use the WPS PIN code method.

  1. Load standard paper in your canon printer and hold the Wi-Fi button for ON light flash.
  2. Again press the Wi-Fi button to print the WPS PIN code information on paper.
  3. Hold the STOP button with the sixteen flashes completed.
  4. Select the following on the printer display. Setup > Wi-Fi Setup > Other Setup > WPS PIN code.
  5. Enter the code and set up the wireless network on the Canon printer.
Connect Canon Printer

Install & Set Up Canon Printer Completely

When you’ve successfully downloaded the Canon ij printer setup, then double-click on the file to run and follow the instructions to install.

  • Open the Canon ij setup file and double-click to start the installation.
  • Click Setup and choose an installation mode.
  • Accept the license agreement and continue.
  • Select the WPS PIN code in the connection method options.
  • Select your printer model series from displayed devices.
  • Tick on the drivers you require to install and click Install.
  • Wait for Canon printer drivers to be installed.
  • Exit the installation page and try first-time printing.

Once you set up and install your Canon printer from ij.start.cannon , you can easily print with it. First, you’ve to make sure your Canon printer model has already been added to your PC. If not, go to Printers & Scanners and click Add new device. Printing a document requires a few steps – simply open the document, press the Ctrl P keys, and click Print.