Canon LBP 2900 is the best ever robust printer. This Smaller, lighter and reliable printer has all benefits of fitting into any small office requirements. Setting up an LBP 2900 printer entail drivers and software requirement. 

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The problem starts when the drivers fail to install or cause any other issue. If the driver isn’t installed successfully, the LBP 2900 won’t function properly. Hence you’ve to ensure the Canon printer driver has been installed correctly. If not, then follow the instructions mentioned below.       

Error status during the installation process in Windows doesn’t allow printer set up.

When CD installation fails to start

  • Insert the installation CD shipped with Canon LBP 2900.
  • Open the start menu on your windows.
  • Press the Windows button + E and click This PC on the left side.
  • Open CD drive and double click on the LBP2900setup.exe file.
  • If you can’t see the CD icon on the computer screen, eject it and reinsert it.
  • Then, double-click on CD setup and follow instructions to finish the process.

If you couldn’t find the CD icon on your Windows PC, you need another source to install the Canon LBP 2900 drivers – or

Download and install the latest and valid drivers for Canon LBP 2900 series printers

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When you can’t install the CD setup for Canon LBP 2900 printer series, the online support works in this condition. All you have to do is visit the canon support site, i.e., or and go through the Set Up option. To get the compatible drivers for the Canon LBP printer, enter your LBP 2900 series model and search for drivers. Finally, you’ll see the Drivers & Download option, hence select preferred drivers and click Download and wait for complete Download. Then unzip the setup.exe file and follow all instructions to install the driver.

Can’t you still install the Canon LBP 2900 driver?

Installing the Canon LBP 2900 driver and software from an online source isn’t working for your Windows PC. Then, go through the given solution below;

Step 1- Open Control Panel from Windows start menu.

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Step 2 – Open Network and Internet tab.

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Step 3 – Open the option – view network status and tasks.

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Step 4 – In the sidebar of the current interface, click Change advanced sharing settings.

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Step 5 – Under the File and printer sharing, select the Turn Off File and Printer Sharing option.

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Step 6 – Now, open the Windows search menu and search , open services.

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Step 7 – Scroll the current window and click on Windows Installer.

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Step 8 – Double click to open it and click on the Start button in the new pop-up.

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Step 9 – On the same Services page, open the Print spooler and click Start.

After checking the above settings and repairing issues, you’ve to reinstall the Canon LBP 2900 setup in your Windows PC. With the Canon LBP driver’s reinstallation, you should also reset your printer for trouble-free printing. For it, follow the simple method:

Reset Canon LBP 2900:

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  1. Press the Stop button to cancel all printing jobs in Canon LBP 2900.
  2. Turn off the Canon printer.
  3. Press the Power ON button and Press the Reset button.
  4. Wait a while to reset the LBP 2900 printer.  

Encountering driver issues even after following the above steps directly indicates either system repair or Windows update.