Canon printers are best for printing, scanning, and copying. However, sometimes these machines can provide product unsatisfactory results. If you gave a print command on your Canon printer from a PC or smartphone and the print results are Smudged or Scratched, you’ve to resolve this issue with a few checks.

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Solution 1 – Page size and media type settings 

You’ve to make sure the page size and media settings are the same. Otherwise, it may result in inappropriate prints. The incorrect paper settings make a scratch on the printed paper surface. Always choose the same paper size as the loaded one. Also, check and adjust the suitable media type.

Solution 2 – Check the type of paper 

For the printing type, select the paper design. Canon provides a variety of papers for different documents. Choose the paper type – Plain Paper, Envelopes, and label paper.

Solution 3 – Prevent paper abrasion

Prevent paper abrasion in the paper print head, and the paper increases the space. The incorrect prevent paper abrasion can generate issues with the papers. Adjusting it widens the paper print head and clearance. In the Smudged or Scratched Printed results, it’s better to change the prevent paper abrasion settings. 

  1. Press HOME and select Setup.
  2. Open Device Settings and select Print Settings.
  3. Tap ON to the Prevent paper abrasion.

If you couldn’t enable Prevent paper abrasion from the printer, then you should try changing the settings from your computer.

For Windows –

In the printer driver setup window, select Maintenance sheeand click on Custom settings, then tick on the check box of Prevent paper abrasion. 

For macOS –

Open the Canon IJ Printer Utility, click on Custom Settings, tick on the check box of Prevent paper abrasion, and click on Apply. 

Solution 4 – Straight curl papers 

If the sheet is curled, even if it’s Photo Paper Plus Semi-gloss, you’ve to load one sheet at once. Make sure you straight curl the paper by rolling the paper in the opposite direction. It may reduce the print quality and crack the paper’s surface.     

The best option is to use unused paper. If it’s plain paper, then reload it to another side. However, if it’s any other paper, and the curl is more than 0.1 inch / 3 mm, then correct the paper curl by rolling it in the opposite direction.

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Solution 5 – Reduce intensity setting

Make sure the print intensity is not so high. If the plain paper is getting printed with a high-intensity setting. To prevent the Smudged or Scratched Print result, you’ve to change the intensity setting;

Windows –

  • Open the printer driver.
  • Open the main tab and click on Manual.
  • Hit on Set and then adjust intensity.
  • Complete the setup on the main tab.

Mac –

  • Open the print dialog and click Color Options.
  • Use the Intensity slider to adjust intensity.
  • One can also enter the value manually to reduce intensity.
  • Click Print to see the results.

You also need to take care of your Canon printer. Keep your canon printer model clean to avoid any other issues with the paper. If you still receive Smudged or Scratched Printed Surface printing results, use a new paper instead of a rolled one.