Canon PIXMA G3260 is MegaTank All-In-One Printer for high volume printing results. Canon printers won’t show you any error if everything is set up correctly. But the settings, incompatible paper, and many other inappropriate things may create issues. So even if it is ink leakage, low ink, mismatched paper settings, not supported paper, or any internal problem, Canon printers always give you a hint by showing an error code on your printer screen and PC screen.   

Today we’ll discuss two error codes for Canon G3260 Printer and their solutions. Error code 3412 and error code 3413 are two codes you may see on your printer. See the below guide to resolving these two errors on your MegaTank Canon G3260 Printer.

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Error 3412 in Canon Printer

The error 3412 in Canon G3260 Printer occurs because of failed Scanning original. Scanning the original is the part in Canon G3260 where a user has to put the original paper that needs to be scanned. So when it doesn’t recognize the paper original, the screen gets a 3412 error.

How to fix the 3412 error?

If the original you are using is smaller than 3 cm square, then it’s fixed that your Canon printer won’t scan the original correctly. But if the original is more than 3 cm, you’ve to take appropriate steps. Take the corresponding actions to resolve the error 3412;

  1. When you see error code 3412 on your PC screen.
  2. Press OK and cancel the error.
  3. Place the original on the platen.
  4. Set the original in the correct orientation and position on the platen.
  5. Press on Scan and Send.
  6. Specify the destination and perform the scanning operation.
  7. If the error is not fixed, specify the original size.  

Error 3413 in Canon G3260 Printer

The code 3413 in your Canon printer G3260 occurs due to set Prevent paper abrasion. So what’s Prevent Paper Abrasion? It’s a function that increases the space of paper and print head to prevent contact between both, which means the print head won’t touch the paper. This error could be fixed if you disable this setting. Check how to disable it;

  1. Press the Stop button when the 3413 appears.
  2. Press Setup on your Canon G3260 printer.
  3. Open Device Settings, then select Print Settings.
  4. See the Prevent abrasion option and select OFF. 

If you want to set back the Prevent paper abrasion function, go through the below steps;

  • Turn on your Canon G3260.
  • Press the Windows key and R key together.
  • The Run dialogue opens, enter control printers.
  • Click ok or press Enter.
  • Find the Canon printer model G3260 and right-click on the icon.
  • In the shown menu, select Printing preferences or Preferences.
  • Driver setup window appears and opens the Maintenance option.
  • Click on the Custom Settings tab and click to choose Prevent paper abrasion.
  • Click Send and select OK.

If the above issues and errors codes still appear even after going through the above solutions, contact the nearby Canon service center.  

About PIXMA G3260 Printer

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Canon G3260 is PIXMA Wireless MegaTank All-in-One Printer that is a highly productive machine to deliver high-volume and affordable printing. One can easily print, scan and copy. The MegaTank can print up to 7,700 color pages and 6,000 black pages from ink bottles’ one set. It has a refillable MegaTank ink system. You can easily print borderless photos, documents, and many more on media types and sizes with vivid colors and crisp blacks with hybrid inks. It is compatible with all devices, including Windows PC, Mac PC, mobile devices, and smartphones