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ij.start canon is the manufacturer site to download Canon printer drivers. Install and set up Canon Printer from https: // and obtain high-quality printing documents straightforwardly. If you want to avoid the troubles during the canon ij printer setup installation, follow the instructions shown below.   

Ij Start Canon Printer Setup:

Go with the below steps for quick Canon ij setup –
• Go to https // using web address.
• Enter IJ printer model name.
• Download appropriate canon printer drivers.
• Double-click to install the software [EXE or PKG].
• Follow on-screen instructions to set up Canon printer

Connect and Establish a WiFi Connection for Ij Start Canon

Before you step ahead to Canon printer set up, you need to establish a wireless connection for your printer, so follow any of the below using:

Wireless LAN Setup:

  • Turn on your Canon printer to start the wireless LAN setup.
  • Then simply press the menu button and see Network settings where you need to tap on Wireless LAN settings and select the SSID Settings option.
  • Select Access Point and choose the favored network name.
  • Next, enter the WiFi security key and wait for the connected prompt.
  • Now download canon ij setup from http // and install on your pc.

WPS Push Button:

Set up a successful network connection for the Canon ij printer, press the WiFi button on your printer, and go to the access point once the orange alarm light becomes steady. Within two minutes, push the WPS button on your wireless router. If you can see Connected Status, press OK to confirm. 

Step by Step Guide to Set Up Your Canon Inkjet Printer

Use a wireless connection or USB connection to set up your printer. Follow every single step mentioned here to set up Canon ij printer:-

• Step 1- Configure the printer hardware
Take out all the canon printer elements from the box and assemble them on a clean surface. Then configure and connect to power, as well install Printhead and Ink Cartridges.

• Step 2 – Visit
On your PC or Laptop web address bar, enter and Click Set Up.

• Step 3 – Enter Your Canon Printer Model
On ij.start canon page, enter or choose your Canon printer model and click Go. For it, see your printer’s front or top and find Canon model name.

• Step 4 – Download Canon Printer Drivers
Select the correct operating system like Windows or Mac and click Download in front of the appropriate Canon drivers tab.

• Step 5 – Connect Ij printer to a wireless connection
Use Wireless LAN Setup or WPS Push Button method to connect your printer with a network connection. You will require a wireless router as well.

• Step 6 – Start the printer software installation
Once you download the setup from ij.start canon on your laptop or PC, double click on the Canon ij setup file [EXE or PKG] and accept the software license agreement.

• Step 7 – Select a connection type to continue
Tick on Wireless connection or USB connection to select one and follow on-screen instructions to move ahead.

• Step 8 – Connect USB if available
This step for ij start canon isn’t mandatory, however if you have a USB cable and the wireless connection method fails, in that case, choose a USB connection during installation. Thereafter, plug one side of the USB cable to the canon printer’s rear and another side to the PC, Laptop port.

Where is my Canon printer model number?

Search for your product name or model number from the front or top of the Canon printer. The location may vary.

Instructions to Setting Up Canon IJ Printer With USB

Setting Up Canon IJ printer with USB to your device requires the installation software (visit ij.start canon or use CD) and a USB cable (purchase separately if not available with printer), then you can follow the below steps;

  1. If you have already connected the USB to the printer and PC, remove it and jump to the next step.
  2. Close all the applications and open portal to download the Canon printer drivers.
  3. Now, locate and run the setup file Msetup4.exe (or dmg file), then click YES.
  4. Choose “Easy Install,” click “Install,” and select the “Use the printer via USB” option.
  5. Hit NEXT and connect the USB cable to the PC and printer once “Printer Connection” appears.
  6. Turn on the Canon IJ printer and Install the Canon printer ink cartridge to complete the setup.

Set up Canon IJ printer on Mac : Start at ij.start canon

Make sure your Mac device is up to date. These instructions are for Canon IJ wireless printer;

  1. On you printer, tap home screen icon > Wi-Fi > LAN > Wireless LAN > Easy wireless Connect > YES.
  2. Use the to download Canon printer driver for macOS.
  3. Run the .dmg installer setup file from ij.start canon and click Open.
  4. Top Download, then hit NEXT, and enter details.
  5. Hit Install Helper, click Start Setup, and accept the license terms.
  6. Select wireless router, enter key, and follow on-screen instructions to complete the process.

Configure and set up the Canon inkjet printer hardware

Once you are done with software set up using canon site, the other step to start printing is printer hardware set up. Unless you don’t set up the hardware, it’s difficult to start printing; therefore, follow steps to configure the canon inkjet printer;
  1. Make sure you have installed Canon ij setup from and set up correctly.
  2. Now, the initial hardware screen will show you some instructions, hence jump to the next steps.
  3. Choose the language, read the cartridge installation instructions, and follow them.
  4. Open the feed slot cover, move the paper guides and load 2 Paper sheets your get in the rear tray.
  5. Against the edges of the paper, slide the left and right paper guides.
  6. Close ‘feed slot cover’ and open ‘output tray’ of paper.
  7. Pull out the output tray extension, choose Execute, select Align Print Head.
  8. Remove the paper after print and press the cancel button if the orange light flashes.
  9. Exit after the configuration completion.

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